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Just a quick than you note to tell you how much I appreciate your power pack. I came back from my trip with some of the long-term type symptoms. I haven't been in any other place, so I know that it's just a repeat and I took the power pack for one day and it stopped all the symptoms. This morning I am feeling brand new. I'm very impressed. Thank you so much for all you do.

Barbara H, MD

My mom got sick and she was in the hospital. I was her caregiver and tried to get her better. She had a respiratory illness and then I started feeling sick and tired with low-grade fever, no appetite, no taste or smell. I prayed for my family and me. I found out about these vitamins and I started taking them. I was skeptical at first because I was already doing a lot of other things with other vitamins. I prayed and took the first dose and I didn't feel anything. I was feeling alright. I took the next dose and it boosted my energy. Ok I can sit up and get a bath and not be so tired doing these things. I took the next dose, cause you take them for 3 days. My energy was boosted. I was doing other things with my other vitamins, but I did get a boost of energy because I was feeling really drained. I kept taking my Tylenol. I took it for 3 days. I thank God for blessing me and bringing me through this. I took them and it really does give your body a boost. They are not a cure, but they do help because they are from the earth and God does give us healing from the earth. So I thank you and that is my testimony. Thank you.

Loralyn Swinton

I'm a Nurse Anesthesist. A few years ago I became sick with the flu or some type of respiratory illness that lasted for weeks. I tried everything. I tried steroid pack. I tried antibiotics. Nothing seemed to help. I tried the power pack as a last stitch effort and the results were remarkable. Within 3 days I felt 90% better and within the week, I would say I was 100% better. So I am a believer in the Power Pack and allowing our bodies natural immunity to fight illnesses that standard therapies may not be successful at treating.

Valerie Campbell

I just want to say a quick thing about the immuno-boost. My co-workers at the Surgery Center told me about the boost and how it was helping them quite a bit and I was starting to feel a little bit under the weather. I decided to give it a try. I took the boost the next day and sure enough it really helped me. Usually, I can tell that when I get sick I am sick for about a week so sickness was averted and I just to say thank you because it helped me quite a bit. So I encourage you to take if you feel like you need a boost.

Mark Copeland

The Power Pack really works! My symtpoms went away in 3 days just like it said. I took it because I had watery eyes, nasal congestion and a cough. I took a pack and I felt so much better the next morning! I like to keep a pack on hand just in case


I don't know what you have in that power pack, but it sure works!


The Power Pack is a miracle worker. Everytime I feel a tickle in my throat, or a cough that won't go away, I just take a power pack and my symptoms are gone almost overnight. The key is to take it when you notice your first symptome and then watch the magic work!


When everybody at the Surgery Center was getting sick, I bough the Power Pack. I had itchng and tingling in my throat and I took a pack and got a burst of energy. My mom is 73 and she likes using the pack because she likes the burst of energy. She was using it while she was going through chemo and it really helped her. Her numbers were looking good. The white blood cells should be low, but her numbers were normal. The doctor told her "whatever you are doing, keep doing it." The power pack really works.


I use the Poer ack and I take a pack at the first sign of any symptoms of a cold or flu, sore throat, tingle in my nose, congestion, sneezing, whaterver. I 1 pack of 6 tabs don't work, I take a second one. The most I've had to take was the recommended 2 6-packets per day for 3 days. The symptoms usualy completely disapper after 2 days. I ahve a 6 year old who is literally a petri dish, lol, so anytime he sneezes, I'm bound to catch it. The Power Pack makes it all go away. I ALWAYS keep a pack on hand, especially if I have to be in a crowd for any reason. I don't leave hoe without it.

Barbara L.