Rosemary Sugar Cookies 1 dozen

Rosemary Sugar Cookies 1 dozen

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Experience the ultimate indulgence with our scrumptious cookies - the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

These amazing rosemary tea biscuits have a sugar cookie texture and a it tastes amazing.  We present these amazing goodies with only 3 g of fat per serving and 0 sugar,  yet they have incredible flavor.  Compare this with the average shortbread cookie of 10 g of fat and 20 g of sugar per cookie.  How did we manage to do that?  Very carefully.  

We go extra (literally-we order our flour from only genuine manufacturers of ancient wheat) to give you not only the best cookie experience, but the best health experience as well.

Our cookies are made with organic, non-hybridized, nonGMO ingredients. Modern flour can damage the precious insulin-secreting beta cells and can cause gas, bloating and gut damage.  This effect is eliminated with ancient wheat according to studies.  

Xylitol is great for oral care and has a low glycemic index making it an ideal sweetener for diabetics, but not your dog.  It provides just the right sweetness in this cookie without the elevation in insulin levels.

 We use fresh rosemary for its promising insulin-like effects to exert a significant anti-diabetic effect.  It offers protective properties against hyperglycemia (high glucose (sugar levels)) and hyperlipidemia (high lipid levels). This effect is due to its two amazing polyphenols (micronutrients) called rosmarinic and carnosic acid.

So whether you're looking for a sweet treat to share with friends and family or a special indulgence just for yourself, our Rosemary Shortbread cookies are the perfect choice. They're easy to pack and take on-the-go, making them the perfect snack for work, school, or travel.  They are extremely satisfying bursting with flavor, making it the perfect treat for any occasion.

Order now and let us treat you to the delicious and irresistible flavor of our scrumptious cookie selection - the perfect way to satisfy your sweet cheat and indulge in a little bit of heaven.  Now you can have your cookie and eat it too! Don't tell anyone that they are for diabetics.  No one will ever know the difference.  But don't let them eat all of your cookies up.  Lol!

Dr. Helen